Frequently Asked Questions

Car Liquidation does not limit you in the number of autos you can list for sale. You are free to post as many items as you desire.
"AS IS" appears when you refuse to provide a Post Sale Inspection for the car you are selling. Please note that this lowers your chances to sell the car, because most of the buyers are looking to purchase a car with the status GUARANTEED, this is the status you receive when you allow the Post Sale Inspection option.
We know that Buyers tend to feel more confident in buying from a seller who has been approved and verified. It is a step above the rest, which proves your own value to the buyer. Therefore, if you purchase a Premium Account, all your vehicles will have a Seal of Approval stating that you are a Premium Seller, thus assuring you a better and more positive flow of bidders who will feel automatically safer about bidding on/for your items. A Premium Account lasts a full year (365 days) and this package costs: $988.00. This fee is final and not refundable.
For your convenience we have created a new feature of buying and selling automobiles by offering them up for bid in real time just like at a real car auction, mimicking the emotions and excitement a live auction can bring. The auctioned cars will be sold to the highest bidder in a flash and the feeling of a real-time auction is unbelievable. The auction’s events are announced beforehand so you have the time to see the automobiles presented, read the descriptions carefully, look at the photos and choose the one you want to fight for.
CarLiquidation requires a seller to upload his/her Sale Permit File. A Sales Permit File is a government issued document, which allows a business to sell cars. Uploading a Sale Permit File or papers that confirm that you are really entitled to sell the auto is necessary for safety reasons. It also helps to increase the buyer's trust and thus the rate of your online sales become much higher.
At the moment CarLiquidation serves only United States. But soon we will expand our network to other countries.
No. CarLiquidation's policy states that the seller is not allowed to submit any changes to the item if it already has been bid on.
Unlike Ebay, Car Liquidation offers our members the ability to post their cars for free and have the opportunity to see their inventory advertised across all of our partners' networks. The sellers pay a nominal fee only after the car is successfully sold. Our buyers pay only for the car they win, no additional payments required. We provide secure transactions through the Paypal service. The customers are welcome to test drive the cars and order a Post Sale Inspection before the deal is made.
Our customer support is available and happy to help you 24/7. We also offer personal account managers for our premium sellers, to help them increase their sales.
We collaborate with 100s of partners all over the USA to advertise your automobiles on their sites, so your items will get many views and potential buyers as possible.
Our network welcomes all the members to register with us for free and consign their cars to our great USA auto auction so as to benefit from being a part of our car trading community.
Vehicles are verified via the VIN number. However, a seller should make sure that the information presented by the seller is proper, as a safeguard of the buyer's own investment.
You may sell as many cars as you are able to list and sale.
The only and final sales fee is based on the amount in which the car has been sold: a. If your car sells between $0,00 to $5,000.00 a fee of $60.00 b. If your car sells between $5,001.00 to $15,000.00 a fee of $100.00 c. If your car sells between $15,001.00 to $40,000.00 a fee of $150.00 d. If your car sells for over to $40,001.00 a fee of $200.00
Absolutely. All the posted reviews are real. We have asked users to share their experiences with us.
Transactions can be cancelled once the Administration has reviewed your case. You have to petition the Administration and present your case for the cancellation to take place. Petition for cancellation should be made within 48 hrs. of auction having closed.
All Buyers are verified and all payments are made via Paypal secure transfer or if you prefer, Cashier's Check.
It will take approximately 24-48 hours from the time you register to the time your car goes on the "Auction Block".
If you want to sell your car immediately and for a final price, you choose the BUY IT NOW option. In the case where you value your car more than it's worth, and you desire more money for it, you choose the AUCTION option to begin the auction.
If you desire sell your car quickly, then definitely go with CarLiquidation public auto auction! Compared to other sources, like classifieds or newspapers, where you could be waiting for weeks or months to get it sold, here you can set the time limit for the auction, and if your reserve set price is low enough it will sell rapidly.
The only payment you will be required to provide is the sales fee after the car is successfully sold. Unlike other auctions and classifieds CarLiquidation doesn't charge you for anything else: we offer you free registration, free posting of your car for sale and free advertising!
Unless you are selling something very rare or unusual, it's likely that you'll be competing for buyers' attention against many similar cars - presentation, mechanical condition, exterior condition and service history can all make the difference between an easy sale or a long drawn out affair with you having to drop the asking price every week. The appraisal section will ask you to complete information about vehicle defects. The vehicle's information needs to be presented truly and fairly.
The more information you post on the page, the higher chances you will have to attract the buyers and sell it as soon as possible. Additional information will also help you to achieve the highest value possible for your vehicle. CarLiquidation introduces a useful feature where sellers can decode their VINs and automatically the main specifications of the auto will be displayed on the item page.
CarLiquidation is a unique platform that has 1000s of potential buyers online. Our services are easy to use and provide many options for you to present your items up for sale more attractively. Moreover, selling through CarLiquidation you further secure yourself from any fraud, because not only do we use Paypal services as a safe method of payment but we also we take control over the transaction and verify the satisfaction or fairness of the sale.
Remember that the starting price isn't equal to the final price of the car. Should you want to sell your automobile faster you can set $1 as a starting price and sell it to the highest bidder after the time is up. You can also indicate a hidden reserve price that you consider your car is worth and wait until the bidders meet the specified reserve price, otherwise the car will not be sold.

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